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Useful Information about Fertility Clinics

Article by Geoffrey Sher

Fertility clinics are staffed medical clinics, to provide assistance to couples who desire to become parents but cannot due to some medical reason through a natural course. It is crucial to select the best fertility clinic because the results of the treatment will remain throughout life. Fertility clinics perform various diagnostic tests and highly developed medical treatment to get desired conception and pregnancy. Fertility clinics have highly trained staff including Reproductive, Embryologist, Endocrinologists, Sonographers and nurses. Additional specialists, such as Hypnotherapists, Acupuncturists, and many others take part in this team. Fertility clinics provide services for both males and females to diagnose fertility problems. For men, standard diagnostic tests include semen quality and women go through tests, such as Ovulation Analysis, Laparoscopy and X-rays of the Fallopian Tubes and many more.

Treatment can include ovulation, surgical interventions for ovulation or the use of techniques of egg donation or sperm donation. There are many different ways and reasons that couples decide to proceed with the egg adoption. Some couples after trying every possible way to get pregnant decide to go with egg donation. The couples come to the fertility clinic and have three meetings. Before going through this procedure, the couple is given all the information about the success rate of conception through egg donation method while making comparison with all other methods.

There are some emotional and legal aspects related to egg donation procedure. To discuss emotional aspects, discussions start with a thought on how couples decide to go about this technique. Then the comfort level of the couple is discussed on how comfortable they feel on giving birth to a baby with someone else’s egg. The image and inherited features of the baby is imagined are discussed with the couple. Some couples after this discussion, start reconsidering and end up trying with their own eggs. Religious and ethical concerns for these recipients are also discussed regarding emotional issues. There are no clear, cut legal guidelines for the fears of recipients. Whether a donor will claim her baby or the donor’s fear that the child will find them at the age of 18 and will ask for tuition fee or car etc. is very likely. The question of disclosing the family and friends, or not disclosing is also discussed with the couple. All the support is provided to them in either option they choose.

Vitro Fertilization or In-Vitro Fertilization is a process through which egg cells are fertilized by sperm outside the body. Vitro Fertilization is a major treatment in infertility and it involves control of the Ovulatory process through hormones, removing ova or eggs from the woman’s ovaries and transferring the fertilized egg to her uterus for a successful pregnancy. Stress can be a leading factor for the failure of Vitro Fertilization process.

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