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Awareness of Ovulation Symptoms Gives you Clues to Your Most Fertile Days

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When trying to get pregnant, we all know that there are times of the month that we are at our most fertile. Some of us have to chart to learn about how our body works whereas others can sense ovulation symptoms within their own body. I started out by charting my cycle through taking my basal body temperature. Since we had tried to conceive for over two years, I knew that I had to start doing some investigating and everything I read and learned through friends led me to charting. Once I had charted for a few months, I became more aware of my cycle and could predict my cycle through ovulation symptoms that I was experiencing.

For me, it took a heightened sense of awareness to sense these ovulation symptoms whereas a friend of mine always had ovulation symptoms from as far back as she could remember. If you are charting your basal body temperature, you already know about one of the sure signs of ovulation, which is a change in you basal body temperature. Other ovulation symptoms include the presence of cervical mucus, which usually is noticeable on the tissue after you go to the bathroom. The cervical mucus at ovulation has the consistency of an egg white and is a good indication of your most fertile time. Many women, such as my friend, say that they experience lower abdominal pain at the time of ovulation. Sometimes you may experience of the pain more on one side than the other which might indicate which side you are ovulating on at that month. Bloating, breast tenderness and an increased sex drive are also noted as ovulation symptoms that some women experience.

By getting to know your body and your cycle, you can become more aware of your own ovulation symptoms. There are many ways to become more aware of your cycle such as charting. Learn about your ovulation symptoms and other steps that you can take to increase your chances of getting pregnant. For your free mini course on pregnancy and increasing your fertility, visit

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